The Biggest Macs



Del Amitri are at 20 - great to start our collection of the the biggest Macs - Artists with a Mc-last name - with a band from Glasgow - featuring Brian McDermott and Jon McLoughlin.



 At 19 it's the singer who had a huge hit in the 70's before going on to become a popular author with a series of books about Numerology and Spirituality - Penny McLean.



18 in our Biggest Macs countdown - it's one of the key members of the Aussie band - the Models - James Freud! James changed his name from Colin Joseph McGlinchey when he went chasing a career in music.



Barry McGuire makes our Biggest Macs countdown. The Boy from Oklahoma didn't always use his Mc-last name when he was performing - he was once part of a duo who called themselves "Barry & Barry".



Maria McKee is at 16! The talented singer / songwriter made the charts with Show Me Heaven from the "Days Of Thunder" movie soundtrack - but did you know she also wrote the hit "A Good Heart" for Fergal Sharkey. 



 Many Madness fans will remember one of the maddest members of the band - singer, songwriter, actor "Suggs"! His real name is Graham McPherson. That gets Madness a place at 15 in the Biggest Macs Countdown!



 You Will remember Van McCoy's hit "The Hustle" what you may not know is he is an award winning producer having worked with Aretha Franklin, Peaches and Herb and the Stylilstics. Van Allen Clinton McCoy is at 14!



There's Run DMC - featuring hip hop stars Joseph Simmons, Jason Mizell and - Darryl McDaniels. Darryl still performs but is fast making a name for himself in the world of comic books - something he loved as a kid! 



Ex Wailer - Peter Tosh is another interesting one in the Biggest Macs 20 20 Retro Countdown. After performing with Bob Marley - he had a hit with Mick Jagger... so where does he fit in? His real name is Peter McIntosh!



At 11 in our Biggest Macs countdown - it's one of the biggest Aussie actors of the 80's - after all - he is a gold logie winner! Craig McLachlan said he always wanted to be in show biz - and his Mc gets him into the 20 20! 



Did you know George McCrae has Wayne Casey from KC and the Sunshine Band to thank for his hit "Rock Your Baby"? Casey wrote it for his band but they just couldn't get it right - so Mr McCrae picked it up and is in at 10! 



Do you recognise this group? It's Big Mountain at 9 in the Biggest Macs Countdown. The McWhinney's - Quino, James and more recently Jakob bring the family name into this 20 20 Retro Countdown!



If it wasn't for Eric McCusker - we wouldn't have gotten all of those great Mondo Rock songs - "Come Said The Boy" "Summer Of 81" "No Time". He was the chief songwriter with Ross Wilson and they're in with the big macs!


The Divinyls.jpg

The Divinyls are at 7 in our Biggest Macs 20 20 Retro Countdown for guitarist Mark McEntee. Before joining the Divinyls, McEntee was one of the original members of Air Supply. 



Michael McDonald gets a place amongst our Biggest Macs - the lead singer of the Doobie Brothers at the peak got his big break with Steely Dan. McDonald said they were his favourite band so it was a great experience.



Guy McDonough was one of the key members of Australian Crawl - guitarist, singer, songwriter. His brother Bill was also in the band in the early years - and the brothers teamed up again for Guy's solo album in the mid 80's!



Number 4 of our Big Macs - Bobby McFerrin. The 10-time grammy award winner had the huge hit "Don't Worry Be Happy" and was heard in the theme for the Cosby Show. Can you believe he's released 23 albums??



Don McLean took the 3rd spot in our Biggest Macs 20 20 Retro McCountdown. He was working on the last album of his record deal when - with nothing to lose - he wrote the anthem of a generation "American Pie".



The McVies get Fleetwood Mac into the 2nd spot. Former married couple John and Christine McVie were the mainstays of the band from the beginning - with the name dedicated to John and drummer Mick Fleetwood.



And number 1 in the Big Macs 20 20 Retro McCountdown - Paul McCartney who says he doesn't mind being called "Macca". We'll remember that when he visits Australia on his first tour here in 25 years in December!