We Let The Artists Do The Counting This Week On The 20 20

whistle.jpg   Monday - The Whistling Hits!

Yes, the week starts with the top 20 hits that feature whistling - and along the way, we'll catch up with 2 former whistling world champions..


aliens.jpg Tuesday - 1986!

Here come the hits of this week in 1986 - when the sequel to the 1979 thriller Alien premiered. We'll also hear from the Aussie band who did their first ever interview at the start of the year - by mid year, they had a hit album and a number 1 single!


nadiac.jpg Wednesday - 1976!

We're rolling out the biggest songs from this week in 1976 when Nadia Comaneci scored her perfect 10.. and the perfect 20 on the charts featured a number 1 from an Aussie band who were called "Highway" in the US.


salecentury.jpg Thursday - 1980!

Join us for the hits of late July 1980 when one of Australia's all time favourite game shows started! There's also the KISS hit that only featured one member..and the number 1 had a couple of stints at the top of the charts!


countingsong.jpg Friday - Counting The Beat

We drag out one our favourite countdowns - 20 songs that feature counting! Some of the songs have count ins.. others count during the song.. others count through a list of items... and we'll count the beat at number 1!