Early August On The 20 20

scifi.jpg Monday - The Sci Fi Hits!

We're boldly going where no countdown has gone before... searching the universe for 20 songs about aliens, time travel, scientific discovery, computers and all those other great sci fi themes... and along the way, we'll countdown the greatest Sci Fi movies of all time.. I'll add that list to the website during the week!


deeks.jpg Tuesday - the hits of this week in 1979!

Don't miss the hits from the week when the man they called "Deeks" burst onto the scene with his first Australian Title! 3 Years later he had a Commonwealth Gold! At the same time, the movie considered the worst in the James Bond movie series premiered and the number 1 hit was from a group who were in a purple patch.. with their second number 1 in a short period!


bananas.jpgWednesday - We'll slip back to early August 1992.

Anyone with kids in the early 90's will remember when the Bananas arrived on our televisions! B1 and B2, along with the Wiggles took kids entertainment to a new level! You would've had the DVD's, the cups and plates, the school bag and lunch boxes! Also, we'll remember the movie that won Clint Eastwood his Academy Award for best director... and the number 1 was a song without a town! Learn more when we turn the 20 20 clock back to this week in 1992!


 sons&daughters.jpg Thursday - Remembering this soap and the hits of this week in 1987!

Yes, it's the TV show that ran for nearly a thousand episodes between 1981 and August 1987. Now, that final epissode was actually screened at different times.. some during this week - others cities got it later in August ... and if you were in some regional areas, you didn't see the cliff hanging finale until December! Speaking of Aussie Soaps, a star from another one was at the top of the charts!


hitwave.jpg Friday - the Compilation Compilation!

 Love it whe we get the chance to grab out some of those compilation albums that were so popular in the 70's and 80's. Did you have a copy of "Hitwave" from 1978? Or how about "1984 Shakin'". We'll play the biggest hits from those 2 albums over 2 hours on the compilation compilation!