Men blame work for poor mental health

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Work is the "main factor" causing poor mental health among men, a charity says.

Many men work in industries where a "macho culture" exists that might prevent them opening up about their feelings, British mental health charity Mind says.

The charity has raised concerns that many men do not feel able to speak to their bosses about the impact their job is having on their wellbeing.

The comments come following the results of a survey of 15,000 employees - 1763 of whom said they were experiencing poor mental health - who took part in Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Index.

The poll found one in three men (32 per cent) attributed poor mental health to their job, compared with 14 per cent who said it was problems outside of work.

Women said their job and problems outside of the workplace were equal contributing factors.

The survey also found men were less likely to seek help or take time off work.

Forty-three per cent of women said they have taken time off for poor mental health at some point in their career compared with 29 per cent of men.

Mind said men often tried to deal with problems on their own rather than share their problems.

Instead of talking about their problems, some men prefer to watch TV, exercise or turn to drink, the charity said.

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