crackerxmas 2017 wings2

crackerxmas 2017 wings2

Queenslanders awarded for bravery acts


* Timothy Bunyan and Sergeant Adam Pearson

Mr Bunyan was seriously injured when a truck exploded near Charleville shortly after he rescued the driver in September 2014. Sgt Pearson was injured in the rescue when there was a second explosion.

* Four siblings aged between four and 14

Wrestled a gun from their mother's ex-husband when he broke into their home in April 2014 and then helped her and their baby sister to safety.

* Sergeant Kyle Bates, Edward Bennet and Neil Paulsen

The three then-NSW officers braved rough seas and gale force winds in March 1990 to rescue two men stranded off Byron Bay. The police catamaran was pounded by waves as it made its way back to shore.

* Sean Brock-Dillon and Anthony Smith

The pair were stabbed, with Mr Brock-Dillon suffering life-threatening injuries, after they helped two girls being attacked by a man behind Rosewood Skate Park in Ipswich in April 2013.

* Mathew Clark

Helped residents trapped inside a burning house at Forest Lake in November 2013. After telling two people to leave, he stayed inside and rescued an unconscious man before returning to check no one else was inside.

* Scott Hunter, Ian Faulkner, Cain Josefski, Neil Studholme

Rescued about 80 people stranded in flood waters at a service station in North Bundaberg in January 2013.

* Marcus Wilson NSC

Helped treat and rescue people injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in October 2015, despite the presence of leaking fuel and explosives.

* Mark Davison

Rescued two women in a rip near Coolum Beach in December 2015. He guided one to a sandbank and tried three times to reach the second before helping her to shore.

* Belinda Donkers

The paramedic was driving an unconscious man to hospital in December 2015 when he woke and attacked her colleague. She stopped, radioed for help and coaxed the man away before providing first aid to her partner.

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