Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Santas sack of cash wings 2019

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Glenn and his wife Bron did a driving tour of Tasmania over nine years ago and fell in love with Launceston, (in fact one of Glenn's favourite pictures of the tour, is him standing outside LAFM)!!

Although Glenn started in community radio at the age of 12, his first paid gig on commercial radio was at the age 17, when he moved to Charleville - South West Queensland. Glenn has also worked at places like Orange, Dubbo, Lismore and Dalby. Glenn was previously the General Manager for a radio station in Gladstone but decided getting to know people each day on the radio was more fun and Launceston was much cooler than Queensland!

Glenn and Bron have two cats Neo and Hoppo, they love exploring the great outdoors and love good food.

Join Glenn weekdays 3pm - 6pm (feel free to call him anytime on 1300 893 893, but don't mention cats or food, because you will never get him off the phone).