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Be listening to the Drive Home every day at 5.25pm for your chance to play Bottle Top Trivia!

Danny will ask a question, and if you know the answer, you could win a $50 voucher to the Iron Horse Bar & Grill at Richardson’s Harley Davidson. If no-one gets it each day, it'll jackpot by $10 until we reach $100.

If you know the answer, call Danny on 1300 893 893 if you know one of life's simple little questions.

See below for the daily question and any answers you couldn't work out!

All thanks to Richardson’s Harley Davidson.

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Here's the latest question. Do you know the answer?

Q. According to the ladies, When a guy is trying to be romantic THIS is a total turnoff?

A. Coming Soon

Previous questions and answers





Q. 40% of people in a survey say they do THIS at home, But only when no one is around. What is it?

A. Drink out of a milk carton

Q. 52% of people say in a new relationship survey  when THIS Happens the relationship is serious. What is it?


A. Sharing your Netflix password

Q..What do 1 out of 20 people have extra of?


A. A rib

Q A survey says around the age of 33 this happens. What is it?

 A. Stop celebrating your birthday

Q. When going for a job interview 30% of managers say this is a big red flag when interviewing someone. What do you think it is?

 A. Bad Breath

Q. 60% of adults in a new survey say they owned one of these as a child. What is it?

 A. A skipping rope

Q. 6%of people say they've called in too sick for work to do this. 

A.  Binge watch their favourite TV show

Q. You might be suprised to learn that 10% of people who buy this product are guys. What is it?

A. Candles

Q. On average people replace this every 10 years

A. Vacuum Cleaner

Q. Almost all men agree they sleep better when they do this?

A. Sleep with their Dog "Woof Woof"

Q. The average person "thoroughly" cleans this about every 2 years? What is it?

A. The Glovebox of your car

Q. Only 30% of us who own one of these use it for it's original purpose. What is it?

A. Garage

Q. 20 million bottles of this were sold annually from the 1960s until the 1990s,   But now days you rarely see it?

A. Liquid Paper

Q. 19% of people say when it comes to the bedroom this is their biggest pet peeve??

A. Crumbs in the bed

Q. According to a survey, around 30% of us have not done this even once in the last five years.

A. Wear Bathers

Q. 52% of mothers say they have done this when their kids weren't home.

A. Play video games.

Q. 50% of us have asked a stranger for this.

A. To borrow a mobile phone charger.