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Some good news about the way we view cancer

Improved drugs, screening, treatment types and surgical procedures mean that a diagnosis of cancer is no longer a death sentence. Here are three trends in cancer treatment that are set to revolutionise how we view cancer. 1. Cancer will be considered in many cases to be like a chronic illness. This is because screening will pick up many cancers sooner and drug therapies get more complex but have fewer side effects, allowing patients to live longer and in better health. 2. Home chemotherapy is now becoming standard due to the consumer demand for services closer to home. Health authorities are also moving services out of the hospital to cut costs. 3. Traditional chemotherapy is being replaced with new drugs which boost the body’s own immune system. Side effects are much lower than traditional treatment; however, the downside is that they work so well patients sometimes have to stay on treatment every two weeks for two years or more. Lorna Cook - Registered Nurse & Co-owner of [email protected] joined me on the show to discuss topic.