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Back to school lunch box ideas

Try and use as much fresh, real food as possible. How about a wrap with ham and cheese, or meatballs with vegies or falafel? Raw vegies with dip, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, celery sticks with hummus and 4-5 small rice crackers are great. Frittatas with a mixture of egg and vegies are easy to eat. Otherwise try rice paper rolls, or a hardboiled egg and homemade potato salad with some ham. Fresh fruit is best and plain full fat yoghurt with the lowest possible sugar and berries and cinnamon for flavour is delicious. Avoid packaged products as much as possible. If you do use them, choose the ones with the lowest sugar and ingredients you recognise as food. Don’t believe the claims on the front of the packaging and always look at the ingredients. Fiona Kane - Nutritionist & Holistic Counsellor joined me on The Drive Home to discuss this topic.