crackerxmas 2017 wings2

crackerxmas 2017 wings2

Pet of the Week

LAFM features a different pet each week available for adoption from the RSPCA Launceston. If you are interested in our Pet of the Week, please contact the RSPCA Launceston on 6332 8200 or call in to 20 Cavalry Road (off Remount Rd) Mowbray.

Barry dog

Barry is only about 16 months of age, a medium sized Staffy mix, tan and white. Barry was a reluctant surrender due to homelessness.

He already has some basic training and is one smart cookie. He can already sit nicely for his food, shake paws and comes to his name eventually (although this needs a bit more practice). Barry loves his treats so is easy to train. He loves other dogs and has a good play style that few can resist. He is looking for his forever home where he can spend lots of time with his new family as he is not used to spending a lot of time on his own. He would also like an indoor home with lots of outdoors time, plenty of exercise and if you let him sleep on your bed he will think all his birthdays have come at once (that is what he is used to).

He loves the water and doesn't like cats. We think his excitable nature may be too much for some small children.