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moneyortheglovebox lafm 2019

If you don’t have an LAFM Bumper sticker slapped on your car then you’ll want to get one pronto because the LAFM Road runner will be on the hunt for cars with our sticker to play… Money or the Glovebox!!
Be tempted with the cash…or whatever amazing prize we have in the glovebox.

Grab your LAFM bumper sticker from LAFM Reception, 109 York Street, or
Harvey Norman Launceston
Telstra Store Kings Meadows and Quadrant
Just Spas Invermay Road, Invermay
Tamar Hire, Invermay Road, Invermay
Corner Painting, Franmaree Rd, Newnham
Sport N Skate, Newnham

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corner painting lafm money or the glovebox logo tamar hire lafm money or the glovebox logo just spas lafm money or the glovebox logo sport n skate money or the glove sponsor telstrajust spas lafm money or the glovebox logo HARVEYs lafm money or the glovebox logo


Terms and conditions
Participants must have a current LAFM bumper sticker collected from the street team, participating businesses or from the LAFM office in York Street in order to be eligible to participate
For all other competition terms and conditions, click here